If you are not on a maintenance plan for your system please read the below and call us immediately so we can save you money!  We offer maintenance agreements that are competitive in price.

Maintenance is the single most important thing you can do for your HVAC system.  Many people take for granted that maintenance is just that – Someone coming to clean various parts of the system and then leaving.  This is not how a real heating and air conditioning company provides this service.  When we come to your home we actually send service technicians, not “maintenance techs”, which allows us to also perform a check-up on your system rather than just cleaning it.  It is important that an actual technician perform maintenance as they are the only ones that will have the knowledge and tools necessary to check out your system properly and to find any underlying issues.  The whole point of performing a maintenance is to not only clean a system and make sure that no vital parts are getting clogged by various debris but to also prevent problems from occurring.  Prevention of problems can save you time, keep you from an uncomfortable situation, and save you money by catching small issues before they turn into major out of control problems.  It is important that you get this service performed at least once a year but is recommended in the State of Florida to have done twice a year.

If you have a new systems – this also applies to you!  Starting 6-months from the date of installation of a new system you should start having maintenance performed; this will extend the life of your system, save you money on your electric bill, and will allow for you to receive the most benefit from the investment you made in your system.  Most importantly can ensure that a HVAC manufacturer cannot, and will not, void your manufacturer warranty.

In our experience maintenance issues make-up about 70% of all service calls that we have ran in the past 25 years, costing these customers way more money in service fees and part repairs than it would have if they had just spent the money on regular maintenance.

Call us today and ask us about our maintenance plan so that we can start saving you money and extend the life of your system.

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Customer Reviews

I have many properties and whenever I call they always respond quickly and take care of any issues as fast as possible.

Vicky Trabert
(Ponte Vedra, FL)

There are three reasons I use this company... One, the techs are very friendly and on-time. Two, they are very thorough with their diagnostic process and in explaining the findings to the customer as well as very reasonably priced. Three, Jamie, the person who answers the phone is wonderful and easy to deal with.

Derrick Rodriguez
(Julington Creek, FL)

The service that they perform is impressive and the technicians are very knowledgeable. Tech helped me with a problem that no other A/C company has ever even noticed. Extremely happy with the service and the technicians.

Mandarin Prep School
(Jacksonville, FL)

This company is reliable every time we call, even on holidays and weekends.

St. Augustine Pediatrics Assoc.
(St. Augustine, FL)
Servicing Duval, St Johns, Nassau and Clay Counties
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